GM Farming XP ??!!!

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  • GM Farming XP ??!!!

    Since when gm's playing,cleaning pk or farming xp?

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    OzodTV it's GM and at one time the name of its channel is on YouTube:

    He often makes a video from this character that would advertise the game)


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      I raised my MV reputation and lvl of my cat


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        Originalmente publicado por Ozodtvlucius Ver Mensaje
        I raised my MV reputation and lvl of my cat
        The GM's dont need lvl pet =), is acount GM, is rare =)


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          I think External gm should have some permission of internal gm..otherwise for no summoning bosses or kill boss for opc and take to other Character..well this thing was happened before i think function of gm external is do events or be like support in game like answer questions of or test bugs in game no play only my opinion :s or I'm wrong? Naonei Regards


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            Bestman you are right, but in this case Ozod sometimes make things to show in his videos, so as you said a GM should not need that, but we have a special case with Ozod because he trying to spread the Rosh word to the world